Do you want to know
how fast your heart beats?

Soundpulse evaluates your heart rate with a unique audiotechnology made in Germany.

Soundpulse displays your personal rhythm of life.
Everywhere and anytime.

Tap the heartshaped Icon, press the iPhone on your left chest and within 15 seconds you can read off the measurement results.

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How it works:

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  • If you use a bumper or a case for your iPhone, please remove it first.
  • The measurement results are most reliable, if you press the iPhone on your bare skin applying a steady and light pressure.
  • Make sure that you are in a quiet environment.Your iPhone will vibrate when the measurement process starts. Please hold it as still as possible.
  • Once your iPhone vibrates for the second time the measurement is finished. The measurement was not successful? Just try again and stick to the hints.

The measurement may be inaccurate or even impossible if: your iPhone is in a bumper or case, you are in a noisy environment, your blood pressure is low, you suffer from Myocardial degeneration, you are dressed in heavy clothes or you are overweight.

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